"The support I received personally as well as my business was totally something I have never imagined never mind experiencing as a Female Founder in all the 10 years in this business. This is a collective family, this is a collective village, this is Africa!!! Thank you so much 88BCA!" 

Nomaxabiso Precious Kyriakides
Founder: African Hair Kingdom

"As an entrepreneur you might feel lonely most of the time. You meet alot of like minded women. You have no one to talk to if your frustrated or need advice from someone who understand what you are going through. This platform you will find at 88 Business Collective and much much more. It gives you alot of new perspectives and make you see things out of an angle you never realised possible. You starting to become more professional and start preparing your business to excel beyond being an EME."

Samanthia Olifant
Founder: Spotless By Sam
2017/2018 FOUNDERS
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